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About us

The main agricultural sectors are meat and dairy farming. The joint-stock company structure includes 3 meat-processing plants, 7 dairy plants, 2 trade houses. All enterprises make the uniform system, allowing to deepen manufacture specialization, and also to increase volumes of release of meat and dairy production.

Present production capacities of milk-processing enterprises make up to 1060 thousand tons of milk. Production possibilities per shift:

•  butter 70 tons;

•  whole milk production 670 tons;

•  cheese 35;

•  canned milk products 200 thnd tubes;


•  whole milk powder 6 tons;

•  skim milk powder 44 tons;

•  technical casein 7 tons.

Production possibilities of meat processed enterprises per shift:

•  meat and meat products 300 tons;

•  sausages 50 tons;

•  half-finished products 10 tons

•  canned meat 10 thnd tubes.

Major principle of OJSC ““Managing company holding ”Gomel meat& dairy company"” is to produce high quality production, competitive on home and foreign markets. All enterprises equipped with modern domestic and import manufacture equipment. In combination with advanced innovative technologies it allows to achieve parity of traditional taste and highest quality. Special attention is given to sanitary control and manufacture culture.

All production passes multistage physical, chemical, microbiological and radiometric control at all production phases that provides stably high quality. It is confirmed by awards received at local and foreign specialized exhibitions.

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